**School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health**

   Outpatient services

This section of Tehran Psychiatric Institute has been launched its activity since 1990, providing psychiatry and psychology services. This center provides services for the referrals from different governmental an non-governmental sources for evaluation, consultation and treatment such as military organization, legal medicine department.


1.      Adult psychiatry. The clients admit and under supervision of one of the faculty member of psychiatry, receive required evaluation and treatment. In the morning working hours, the services have been provided according to the governmental regulation and fees and in the evening, outpatient services runs by the fee-for-services regulation.

2.      Referrals from judiciary system. Specific outpatient services has been assigned for the referral from judiciary system to evaluate, provide official report and if requires, management plan will provide for the patient.

3.      Subspecialty outpatient service of child and adolescences services. This is being provided by faculty members. After evaluation by psychiatrist or psychology department, the client will receive the required management from psychiatry or psychology department or will refer to speech/occupational therapist. The Autism clinic will service the clients will autistic disorder spectrum even for under three years old children. The following services are available:

a.       Psychological Evaluation of child and adolescence

b.      Performing IQ tests

c.       Cognitive therapy

d.      Play therapy

e.       Parenting training

f.       Learning disorders

4.      Special clinic for sexual disorders. This clinic has been launched since 1992. The following services provide by this clinic:

a.       The individuals with Gender Identity Disorder will be served by this clinic. A comprehensive protocol provided to evaluate and manage these clients by a special committee of psychiatry, psychology and social worker. The most of the clients refer by legal medical department for evaluation, management and providing for further official issues to judiciary system if requires for surgical management. The clients will be followed for six to 12 months by the management group.

b.      Marital and couple therapy for marital discord

c.       Other sexual disorders

5.      Non-pharmacological treatment clinic. The following services are being provided:

a.       Individual therapy

b.      Couple therapy

c.       Family therapy

d.      Consultation services

e.       Social worker services

6.      Psychological tests. Wechsler, Ravan test, goodinaf test, SCL 90, MCMI 2 and 3, NEO, Rorshch, TAT, CAT. Bender Gestalt, Hamilton, Beck, Yale brown, Mosley, Q-Chat and others.

7.      Speech therapy. The activities:

8.      Performing the diagnostic tests for learning disorders

9.      Performing the diagnostic tests for speech problems such as stuttering, delay development, voice production, voice problems, individuals with hearing problems, and cleft palate

10.  Treatment of speech problems


 The following cases will benefit from speech therapy:

1.     Delay in development of speech ability. These children are  delay for their chronological age. This pathology could be seen in individuals with mental retardation, delay development, severe hearing loss, autism, cognitive impairment. The speech therapist could make diagnostic evaluation and provide appropriate remedies.

2.     Stuttering. It will lose the fluency of speech by putting pressure on voice and letter. It is accompanied with tension and anxiety. It will usually begin between age of 3 to 9 years. The therapy could help them at any ages.

3.     Impairment of production of voices and pronunciation.

4.     Hearing impairment. These individuals would suffering from different problems of speech and would receive benefit from the therapy.

5.     Cleft palate speech. Even after surgery treatment, the patients need some kind of speech therapy.

6.     Acquired aphasia. Aphasia may followed by some kind of brain damage. Speech therapy could be helpful for the patients.

7.     Dysartheria. It is caused by weakness and impairment in speech muscle. This may be inherited or acquired. Cerebral palsy is one of the reasons of dysarthria.


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